We are rolling out our New Event Registration system

Strother Scott on

We are now live with our new Event Registration System.  We have been testing it for 3 weeks with both paying and non-paying events and with members and non-members.  Most feedback is that it is very easy to use, and not prone to errors and breakages. It also works fine on both computers and mobile devices. 
Most Red links to  Sign Up! will now direct you to the new system which occurs on https://new.fbyc.net/.  You will be required to log in using the same credentials that you use on the traditional - Legacy web site. 
I encourage everybody to register with the new system using the Red Sign Up! links.  But if you have trouble, and to ease the transition to the new system I have placed a grey link to a Legacy Sign Up! next to each red link that will use the traditional system.
The registration process also requires that you go through 3-4 steps, like a modern shopping cart, wehre you enter and submit Personal Data, then Boat data if any, and then Items to Buy if any and then you can review your final Registration before you Submit Final Registration.  If you see an error on the Review Page, you can use the Tabs at the top


Notice to Members re Camping on Club Property

Rob Whittemore on

We appreciate the challenge housing in Deltaville creates for some of our membership; however, we must remind everyone of the club’s rules surrounding camping at the club. Please also realize that we operating in a larger community and these rules have been established to help us co-exist with our neighbors.

"Camping on Club grounds is limited to tent camping by members or their guests in the designated grass area adjacent to the East Bath House in conjunction with FBYC sailing events. The camping area must be neatly kept and open fires are not permitted. RV’s of any sort (including pop-ups or trailers) are not permitted unless expressly authorized in advance by the Rear Commodore, Grounds Chair or Club Manager and are subject to terms and conditions determined by them."

Thank you for your cooperation,
Rob Whittemore
Rear Commodore


Compact Navigation Explained - hopefully!!

Strother Scott on

In anticipation of moving our event registration system to our Django web site, please be aware that it is set up with a compact navigation menu designed to work well with mobile devices.  To see that, please visit  https://new.fbyc.net/.  If you are on a computer, the website will look about the same as our traditional site https://www.fbyc.net.  But if you are on a mobile platform (iPhone, iPad or Android phone) the site will look entirely different at the top.

The difference is the "Compact Navigation" menu. If you see the "Hamburger" icon on the top right corner, touch it to expand the real menu.  And use the displayed links to go to one of those other pages.  Or touch it again, and the menu shrinks away.

Testers have been using the new registration system for over a week, and the feedback has been very positive, and next week I look forward to sending actual registration links to the members.  Shortly thereafter, assuming things go smoothly, we will likely switch all registration to the new system.   If you can't wait, you too can test the system.  Go to the Test Junior Week Event I have set up in December, 2016.  You can register for it at https://new.fbyc.net/events/1617/enter/  It is test event, and you may see I have a Pretend Fee with one Tee Shirt  priced at $2.  Go ahead and try paying if you don't mind donating $2 to the enterprise. 

Maybe this image will help explain the Hamburger Menu.

2016 FBYC Fall Laser Regatta Results

Jon Deutsch on

We had a great day for sailing on Saturday for our Laser Fall Regatta.  We had 7 sailors out and we took out 6 Lasers and a RIB.  Each sailor took two turns running the races while everyone else sailed.  Jon jumped from boat to boat and sailed a different boat each race.  We did 14 total races in just over 3 hours right off the dock in a 4-6 kt north east breeze.  We used Ruthana Jenkin's auto horn to run a 3 minute horn start so all the RC person had to do was hit start, call the over earlys, and record the finishes.

Charlie Brewer was most consistent and won the day by 3 points over Jon Deutsch.  3rd was Nicholas Cabell who is a member of FBYC Laser Development team.  And a big welcome to Denton Roberts who sailed his first race in a Laser in over a decade and looked sharp and beat some boats in some races.

Following racing, Ruthana Jenkins had some bbq and we all sat around the table and recounted the day of sailing.  Thanks Ruthana for the food and the use of your starting horn.




77th Annual One Design Regatta Results

Jon Deutsch on

The 77th edition of the Annual One Design Regatta was certainly a hot one with 102 boats and a heat index approaching 20 degrees more than that at times.  Most of the racing was completed on Saturday in 8-15 knots of wind with Sunday's racing starting with winds around 11 and dying out as the day progressed.

The 23 boat Flying Scot was won by John Kreidler of Western Carolina Sailing Club, 2nd Rob Whittemore of FBYC and 3rd Sean O'Donnell of NC Community Sailing.
12 Boat Laser Radial fleet that was an all-FBYC affair with 1 Garrett Levy, 2 Trent Levy and 3 Gannon Troutman
11 boat Laser Standard fleet won by James Jacob followed by his son Alex Jacob and 3rd was FBYC's Alain Vincey.
23 boats in various One Design classes including Front Runners, Hampton One Designs, 505s, San Juan 21s, Typhoons and even a Mutineer competed in a Portsmouth Class - winning the class was Mark Stephens(Front Runner) from FBYC followed by Matt Braun (Front Runner) and 3rd was Gordon Stokes from NYCC in a Hampton One Design


New Event Registration System soon

Strother Scott on

I am very excited to announce that within the next few weeks we will switch from our 15 year old Zope Registration System to a new system. The change means many of the technical issues we see should go away, plus the new system is designed to work well on both computers and mobile.

One major and unfamiliar change is that the registration will be done on our Django web site https://new.fbyc.net which means you will be required to log into a different web site than www.fbyc.net in order to register. Most of you have never done that, even though we have used that site for several years for our news postings and our online member database. In advance of the change, you might try logging into the new site at https://new.fbyc.net/accounts/login/?next=/ when you have a chance. The credentials (username and password) are the same as the familiar site.  

Please report any issues you may find to Strother Scott.

When you see the new registration system, you will notice it looks and works much more like modern online shopping cart. You will find a multi-step process where you will “Submit Personal Data”, “Submit Boat”, “Submit Items” to buy, if any, and finally you will be asked to review the data before you “Submit Final Registration”. It will go almost as quickly because the data will frequently be auto filled in advance. And if there is a payment, we will be replacing PayPal with a system from www.stripe.com.

See iPhone screen shot.

New Club Management Structure at FBYC

David Lennarz on

In the 14 years since construction of the new Clubhouse, FBYC has continued to expand both its physical size and scope of programs. We have almost doubled our footprint, increased substantially the number of stored boats and trailers, hosted more regional and national events, opened our clubhouse to private rental for members, and grown our Junior Division into a flagship youth training program for the Chesapeake Bay that holds events year round. All this has placed greater responsibilities, and sometimes stress, on both our member volunteers and paid staff. We have grown and matured as a club, and it is now time to create a staffing structure that meets the needs of that growth and provides improved members' services.

To this end, your Officers and Board voted to split the current Operations Manager role into two distinct positions of General Manager and Maintenance Supervisor.

We are very fortunate that our current Operations Manager, Dixon Cole has agreed to fill the role as Maintenance Supervisor.  Dixon has served FBYC faithfully for almost 12 years and will bring his vast knowledge of Fishing Bay Yacht Club’s facilities to this position. 

The General Manager role is a new position for which we will solicit applications.  We will hopefully have a new person on board by January 1, 2017.  Our General Manager will be responsible for all member and guest services.  He or she will work with the Flag and Board to facilitate the operation of all FBYC programs and events, including staffing, communications, member relations, and coordination of member use of club assets.

We are very excited about this evolution and look forward to providing the best services and value to our members.  The Flag Officers and I thank Dixon Cole for his support and willingness to adapt to this new structure during the implementation phase ahead.


David S Hinckle

FBYC Long Range Planning Chair

FBYC Trophy Committee Seeks Nominations

Meg Rock on

The Trophy Committee will receive nominations until September 29th for the following perpetual trophies to be awarded at the Annual Awards Party in November.

PIANKATANK TROPHY – Recognizes the FBYC skipper who most exemplifies the principle that “all is not lost until the boat sinks.”
MATTHEW FONTAINE MAURY BOWL – Recognizes a member of FBYC for an outstanding contribution to sailing at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.
COMPETITION TROPHY – Recognizes a member of FBYC who is the skipper of an enrolled offshore or one-design boat and who most successfully represented FBYC in sailboat racing events conducted by other yacht clubs or associations during the past year. Nominations should consider the character (local, regional, national) of events entered and the quality of competition as well as the member’s performance.
ALLEN B. FINE TROPHY – Recognizes the outstanding crewperson of an FBYC enrolled yacht. Any skipper who is a club member may nominate anyone who has crewed on a FBYC boat (offshore or one-design) during the regular club season.
THE HUBARD TROPHY – Awarded to the outstanding woman sailor of FBYC in recognition of dedication, participation, and performance and sportsmanship while sailing.
SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY – Recognizes the Offshore Division skipper who displays the best sportsmanship during the regular season.
ANNUAL RACE COMMITTEE TROPHY – Awarded to the club member who has made the greatest contribution to race committee work and race management at FBYC.
BECCA BOAT TROPHY – Awarded to the FBYC junior female member who most exemplifies Becca Clary’s devotion to FBYC.

Please contact the Trophy Chairman, Geoffrey Cahill, with your nominations. Send nominations to Geoff at gcahill1949@gmail.com (preferred) or mail to 1100 Horsepen Road, Richmond, VA 23229. Your nomination should include the person’s name and the reason the person is being nominated for a particular trophy.

Stingray Point Regatta Canceled, Stingray Light Race ON

Bob Fleck on

Stingray Point Regatta Canceled
Stingray Light Race ON


It is with deep regret that we have to announce that the Stingray Point Regatta for 2016 is canceled. This includes all racing and social activities at FBYC on Saturday and Sunday. It is our intention to refund most, if not all, fees to boats entered in the event and dinner purchasers. The forecasts, and analysis, at this time give all indications that both days will be a bust.

We are planning to race the mid distance race on Friday, and have the low country boil at the clubhouse. Price for dinner is the same, $10.00. If you come and you’ve pre-paid for the dinner, you’re good to go. If you haven’t paid, no problem; bring a ten spot. If you paid and can’t come, we’ll square up with you later.

Cost for Friday’s race is zero, zip, nada. Come and join us for a great sail and fantastic food.

See you Friday (or next year)

Slip Holders: High Wind and Tide this Weekend

David Clark on

We are expecting high winds and a higher than normal high tide Saturday and Sunday. Please make sure you boat is secure and has enough line to rise with the high tide. The road is liable to flood 
Making access to the club difficult on Saturday. If possible check on your boat Friday.
David Clark  Docks Chairman

Notice regarding The Log mailing

Amy McGlynn on

Due to an error, our printer recently re-sent the August Log instead of the September Log.  The September Log has now been mailed and should arrive soon.  You may also view it through this link: https://www.fbyc.net/Club/Log/201609.pdf.

In the meantime, please make note of the following time-sensitive items:

  • The Stingray Point Regatta starts Friday, September 2nd and goes through Sunday, September 4th.
  • September 5th, we will have the second of three planned meetings on replacing the East Dock at the Main Clubhouse (upstairs at 10 a.m.)

Volunteers Needed for the Stingray Point Regatta

Paul Wash on

Hello everyone the Stingray Point Regatta is this weekend. If you haven't heard, well then SURPRISE and where have you been?? We have a great event planned with the party starting Friday night with a Low Country Boil. Then Saturday we have our BBQ dinner - can't wait to have some brisket! Sunday we round everything off with hot dogs and picnic like stuffs after racing. 

So first of all - if you are racing in the event - awesome - can't wait to see you. If you are not going to race in the event, then you are invited to join us for the parties and eating - you can get your tickets online at the event page (https://www.fbyc.net/Events/2016/09.02.offshore/ssi.dtml) - do this now - time is running out. The party goes on regardless of weather!
And secondly - in order to make this event possible we need YOU! Yes that's right - we need your help - because the success of this event depends on it. Your mission is to volunteer for the event and make it everything you always wanted it to be! Encourage your crew, family, and friends! To sign up, we are once again using Sign Up Genius - you can view the available shifts here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090f45afae29a3fb6-stingray
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us and we will help...See you all in a few days!

Middlesex Water Authority: No Go for Municipal Water

David Lennarz on

At its meeting last night, the Middlesex Water Authority (MWA) announced its decision to terminate negotiations with Synor Hydro and the planned water system. It will be refunding subscriber deposits, including the deposit given by FBYC.  The MWA expressed concern that project construction costs could significantly exceed estimates and that ongoing maintenance and service costs would exceeed initial projections by as much as $37 per month per residence;  the MWA Board determined that these risks made moving forward imprudent.  Instead, it will consider other, as-yet unidentified alternatives.  The meeting was well attended, and the crowd extremely disappointed with the announcement.  The next meeting is scheduled for September 14, 2016

Slip Holders: Labor Day Weekend

David Clark on

Slip Holders:

Would you please inform the Docks Chairman if your slip will be vacant labor day weekend, when you intend to leave and return. We have yachts visiting for Stingray Regatta and this information will help to avoid confusion and assist the task of accommodating our visitors without disruption to our members.

E-mail dbclark17@verizon.net  or  Text  804-338-6995

Middlesex Water Authority Meeting: Wednesday, August 24th

David Lennarz on

The Middlesex Water Authority will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, August 24th at 6 pm in Saluda.  Fishing Bay Yacht Club will be represented by Commodore Bennett.  As a reminder, the Club has already submitted subscription documents and is hopeful the project will come to fruition.  We encourage individual members and Deltaville home owners to attend and voice support for this very important project.  For further information, email Vice Commodore David Lennarz at dlennarz@gmail.com.

Easy to Slip Launched

David Lennarz on

On July 31st club members Clark Dennison, Matt Braun, and Hunter Davidson lauched club-owned Easy To Slip, a J-24 donated by club member Cam Cosby.  After some miscellaneous repairs, the vessell is ready for club member use.  A policy and procedure document is now being drafted;  this will include guidelines on qualifications for use, how to reserve the boat, etc.  More news to follow soon!


Party with Slapnation Band Saturday Night after AOD

Lud Kimbrough on

Get your groove on Saturday night with The Slapnation Band www.slapnationband.com, playing at the Deltaville Ballpark from 6-9PM.  Bring a beach chair or blanket as well as your best dance shoes.  Adult beverages available.  Don't miss the chance to find yourself on the infield of this classic baseball venue for a rollicking good evening.  Drive into town and turn left on Ballpark Road or park across the street if lots are full.

Meeting about East Dock Held July 31st; next meeting September 5th

David Lennarz on

On Sunday, July 31st, approximately 20 club members gathered upstairs at the club house to view a presentation about a proposed East dock replacement.   The proposal is to replace the East dock with a floating dock within 2-3 years time.  Commdore Bennett and Vice Commodore Lennarz explained the reasoning behind the proposal, the plan to pay for the replacement, and answered questions about the proposal from those in attendance.  The meeting lasted one hour.   For those who missed this meeting, the next similar meeting will be held on Monday, September 5th (Labor Day) at 10 am upstairs in the club house.  Since part of the financing of the plan includes an increase in all slip fees, all slip-holders and members are encouraged to attend to learn more.

AOD Just a week away

Jon Deutsch on

Our 77th Annual One Design Regatta is just over a week away and our fleets are forming for this summer classic.  Be sure to register your boat so your friends and out of town guests can see who's racing and get that early registration discount.

Details can be found here.


Stingray Point Regatta - It's time to register!

Paul Wash on



Register today for the Stingray Point Regatta!

Register on Yacht Scoring.

Visit www.stingraypointregatta.org for more information.


Friday - Stingray Light Race, Saturday and Sunday - Stingray Point Regatta

Brent Halsey, Jr. Memorial Trophy & Potts Southern Bay Challenge Cup

Daily awards and social each day.

Don't forget to join us for a little shindig Saturday night with the Crain Brothers Band!