Winter Program: "BLUE WATER CRUISING" via Your own Boat or a Chartered Boat

Jon Deutsch on

Come hear from Rob and Andi Overton, seasoned experts in offshore sailing, on how to prepare oneself to go offshore cruising.  You will learn what kind of boat is appropriate, what equipment is needed, and what it costs to cruise.  This will be a two-part discussion on sailing, equipping, and provisioning your own boat, as well as what is entailed in chartering a boat. So, whether you have never cruised, cruised once or twice, or you are an experienced cruiser, there is still much to be gained from Rob and Andi’s knowledge and experience.  We hope to see you there!



2016 Summer Junior Coaches Announced

Doug Bendura on

Fishing Bay Yacht Club is excited to announce its 2016 professional coaching staff! Once again, we will have world-class coaches with a breadth of experience as both racers and coaches. They have over 40 years of combined coaching experience. Four are returning, with our Head Coach, Tomas ("Tommy") Dietrich, in his third season at FBYC! Three of our coaches grew up in the Junior program. They will be led by Head Coach Tommy, who is himself a National and South American Champion!





A Reminder to All FBYC Club Members

Meg Rock on

The use of Club member emails for business use is against Club policy.  Please keep this in mind when sending out any communications.  Group email addresses are for Club use only and are not to be used to generate mailing lists or email notices about subjects not connected to Club business or activities.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and helping us to respect fellow member’s privacy.  More details may be found under the Rules section of our website at:

FBYC website off-season changes are complete

Strother Scott on

We have finished our winter long website upgrade project.  We continue to transition our website where we continue to have our Home Page, all event listing pages, event pages, and most webpages, to our new more modern Django website where we post news, edit web pages, keep our member database, and, new in 2016 keep all account creation and editing pages and the resetting of password pages.   About a month ago we finished the project and have had a soft opening all January.  

Users may notice some differences.

  • The New Website probably works better on mobiles devices - at least the navigation links appear differently on a small device.
  • You may need to log into both websites from time to time, and definitely to edit your profiles.
  • Your password is no longer visible to Meg and me, and if you forget it, the only recourse is to reset it. Use the link on the LogIn pages. 
  • You can also update your username and password, plus your address, email, phones on your edit profile page. Just click on your name on the top corner, which may require you login in to the new website.
  • And new in 2016, each user can add a profile picture, boat picture, and "elevator text" - a short description of you and your FBYC activities - at your edit profile page.  The profile picture appears on data search and on the IOS app. 

I have revamped our Online Registration Help page  to try to explain the changes and how they effect users of the web sites. Please visit that page for a fuller explanation of the changes.

We plan to continue the effort to modernize and simplify our website, all subject to budget, technology and time restraints. 

Gannon Troutman - "One Year Later"

Jon Deutsch on

A feature on FBYC sailor Gannon Troutman and his Pied Piper Crew at Quantum Key West Race week:

Gannon Troutman was one of the biggest stories of Quantum Key West 2015. The 12-year-old skipper of the J/70 Pied Piper captured the imaginations of fellow competitors and spectators alike.  

A feature story about Troutman that appeared on the event website received thousands of views and the youngster became an instant folk hero. Making the story even more remarkable was the fact Troutman and the Pied Piper team finished fifth in a talent-laden 56-boat fleet. The youngest skipper in Key West Race Week history won a race and also had a second and third.  

It was the type of feel-good story that resonated with a lot of people, sailors and non-sailors alike.  

Read the rest of the story here.


2016 Calendar Available

Jon Deutsch on

This fall and winter the event scheduling committee consisting of our fleet and division leaders led by incoming vice commodore David Lennarz have been hard at work creating the 2016 Events Schedule.  They took a close look at our events over the past year and have hopefully created a schedule that does more of what we like and less of what we don't like from previous years.  They've also done their best to coordinate with other local and regional sailing and non-sailing events to reduce conflicts where possible.

A couple noteworthy changes for this year:

  • The format for Opening Day is unchanged, but the next day on Sunday has been designated for recuperation, training by teams, RC, fleets, etc.  Offshore Spring Series #1 will commence on Sunday, April 24.
  • The Open House Regatta has been moved from Saturday to Sunday (5/29) of Memorial day weekend and no other racing is scheduled that weekend.  This eliminates conflicts with Deltaville town activities and enables Down the Bay racers to participate in person or by boat if they are fast enough.  The Lasers will do some training or clinic on Saturday for those interested.
  • The Laser Spring Regatta will be run in conjunction with a yet to be determined One Design Spring race day.
  • Flying Scot Husband Wife Regatta June 11-12 will see 40 or more Flying Scot teams from around the country competing at FBYC.
  • FBYC is tentatively planning to run the Start for the St. Mary's Governor's Cup Southern leg as we did last year.
  • The J/70 & Laser fleets will continue their separate spring/summer/fall races on non-race days for other divisions.
  • J/70 Friday night series enters it's 3rd year with racing from June-July and into August.
  • September 10 Wolf Trap Race will run in conjunction with the J/70 Fall Regatta - after starting the race to Wolf Trap, the J/70 will race at the same starting area until time limit or time to finish the distance race.
  • Fall is largely unchanged from last year with the bigger events: Stingray Point, J/70 Chesapeake Championship, Chesapeake Laser Masters and Closing Day Race & Oyster Roast in their usual weekends.

The Cruising Division schedule is still being worked out at this time, and has not yet been posted.

And if you have any questions about these events or want to know how you can participate or volunteer, contact the fleet captains and division commanders.

2015 Laser Series Final Standings

Jon Deutsch on

The Laser Fleet finished their racing with the Frostbite Regatta as the 4th and final event in the 2015 Laser Series.  With the fall event having been cancelled due to extreme weather 3 events stood with 16 sailors competing in 17 races.  8 sailors competed in enough events to qualify for the series and 5 of them participated in every race of the series.

  1. Jon Deutsch
  2. Brad Squires
  3. Alain Vincey
  4. Frank Murphy
  5. Mike Toms
  6. Britt Drake
  7. Frank Patch

 Completed series results

Jolly boat and Junior Videos from '69-71

Jon Deutsch on

Lud Kimbrough (818) has shared some videos from '69-71 of FBYC Sailing and Deltaville.

Here's the first of Sabots‬ sailed by juniors and teens. Yes, the lifejacket policy is a little more contemporary.

This video of Jolly boat racing at FBYC during the World Championship in 1971.

Another video from Lud of the Heritage parade in Deltaville on July 4 can be found here.

Welcome to the 2016 FBYC Junior Programs!

A.L. Braun on

We are excited about the 2016 Junior sailing season at Fishing Bay Yacht Club, and looking forward to another great year of FUN! No matter your sailor's age, experience, and sailing goals, we have an event to excite them and get them out on the water with their friends. Our philosophy is that if kids have fun sailing with their friends, they will come back for more.

And remember, parents and grandparents are always welcome to join in the fun!

Key Junior Dates for 2016 at FBYC: 

February 1

Online registration opens

March 5 – May 29

Spring Race Teams

May 21 – August 28

Private Lessons

May 29

Open House Regatta & Party

June 11, 12, 18 & 19

Opti Kids

June 14 – August 14

Summer Race Teams

June 20 – June 24

June 24 – August 14

Junior Week

Summer Development Teams

June 25 – June 26

Fishing Bay Annual Junior Regatta

July 9

Fun Sail

August 13 – August 14

77th Annual One-Design Regatta

September 3 – November 26

Fall Race Teams

Our Junior website pages are in the process of being updated, but you can visit them at any time for a full description of all of our Junior programs at

I look forward to seeing you this summer!

A.L. Braun
Junior Division Lt. Commander

Annapolis Yacht Club Fire

Jon Deutsch on

Our thoughts go out to our friends at Annapolis Yacht Club and we wish them well as they start efforts to rebuild after a fire destroyed their clubhouse this afternoon.


Dry Sail Hoist Maintenance

David Clark on

The Dry Sail Hoist will be taken out of use from Wednesday the 9th of December to do needed maintenance work. Because of the nature of this work it maybe out of use till February as the parts that are to be replaced need to be fabricated.

2015 FBYC Annual Award Winners

Jon Deutsch on

Fishing Bay Yacht Club held its Annual Meeting and Awards Party on Saturday at the Commonwealth Club in Richmond, VA. The following is a list of all of the 2015 recipients of the club's perpetual trophies.

HENRY E. HUTCHESON, JR. MEMORIAL TROPHY – awarded to the Optimist skipper with the highest standing in Sanctioned Regattas and intra-club races. Benton Amthor

JUNIOR COMPETITION TROPHY – awarded to the Junior skipper (or skippers) who has most successfully represented FBYC in sailboat racing events conducted by other yacht clubs or associations during the Regular Racing Season. Benton Amthor



2016 Board & Committees

Jon Deutsch on

During the 2015 FBYC Annual meeting, a quorum of our membership elected a new slate of Officers and Board Members to serve in 2015. Please join me, your Nominating Committee Chairman, in welcoming these dedicated volunteers who have committed to serving our Club in the up coming year; and mark their names, because in their vigilance they need and welcome your input, your ideas for how we can improve, and your gratitude. They are as follows:


  • Commodore - William T. Bennett
  • Vice Commodore - David Lennarz
  • Rear Commodore - Robert P. Whittemore
  • Treasurer - Stephan Quiriconi
  • Secretary - Joseph W. Roos

Board of Trustees

  • Fleet Captain - William H. Swarzschild, III
  • Offshore Division Commander - Robert J. Fleck
  • One Design Division Commander - Jon Deutsch
  • Crusing Division Commander - Douglas J. Selden
  • Junior Division Commander - Douglas S. Bendura
  • Fleet Lieutenant - George W. Pongonis, III
  • Log Streamer - Amy McGlynn
  • House Chair - Caroline B. Garrett
  • Docks Chair - David B. Clark
  • Social Chair - Paul Wash
  • Grounds Chair - Edward J. O'Connor
  • Member at Large - Matthew J. Braun


  • Offshore Division Lieutenant Commander - James L. Raper
  • Offshore Division Race Chairman - Rebecca L. Wash
  • One Design Division - Lieutenant Commander - Joe Nelson
  • One Design Division Race Chairman - Borna Kazerooni
  • Crusing Division Lieutenant Commander - John P. Galloway
  • Junior Division Lieutenant Commander - A.L. Braun
  • Protest Chairman - C. Mayo Tabb Jr
  • Trophy Chairman - Geoffrey D. Cahill
  • Regatta Committee Chairmen - Robert J. Fleck & Jon Deutsch & Paul Wash
  • CBYRA Delegate - Thomas J. Roberts
  • Adult Sailing Director - Matthew J. Braun [Acting]
  • Long Range Planning - David S. Hinckle
  • Webmaster - R. Strother Scott
  • Finance Chairman - Mason T. Chapman
  • Winter Program Chairmen - Greg & Kathy Ullman
  • Marketing Chairman - John M. Buhl, III
  • Historian - Joseph L. Dennison, Jr.
  • Young Adult Member Chairman - John W. Collier, III

FBYC website plans off-season adjustments

Strother Scott on

Last Thursday I presented the FBYC board with a plan to make some behind-the-scenes changes to the FBYC website in late November and December. Now that the sailing season is over, we have the opportunity to cure a simple database design issue.

Everybody who uses the website has a user account, which knows your contact information. The member database also keeps your contact information, in a separate table. Our goal is to "normalize" the database, meaning both sets of data will be kept in one place. A small web site committee approved the plan last night. In preparing for the change, we have found and adjusted about 200 user records where there was an inconsistency with the user and member data, which may well account for some of the reported problems with the site over the years.

In preparation for the change, we will shortly turn off new user applications, and turn off the ability for you to edit your user data. After the migration, we expect continued modifications over the winter. We will keep you updated as we proceed.

Strother Scott

Winter Dock Preparation

David Clark on

The Pump Out Stations will be closed down at the club on Monday the 16th and the water shut off all Docks on Monday the 24th November.

The Pump Out and the water on the Docks will be off till Spring (exact date to be determined by the weather).

Sail 1 Design & Scuttlebutt Articles

Mark Hayes on

Great publicity for FBYC! The popular website Sail 1 Design has published an excellent article about the SCYC Invitational Optimist Team Race Regatta, and our team’s victory. Here is the link to the article:

The story has also been picked up by Scuttlebutt Sailing News. View their article here:




Commodore's Ball Reminder

Paul Wash on

Everyone has seen the emails and announcements, but if you haven't...This Saturday is our Annual Meeting and Commodore's Ball. Dinner tickets are available for a limited time so register quickly. If you are unable to come for dinner, then pick up Dessert and Dancing tickets - there are multiple options available for everyone. Check out the event page for more information.

For anybody with Children (12 and under) the menu will consist of Chicken Tenders. Teens and Aduls will be served Lobster Risotto & Prime Filet Mignon. If you have special dietary restrictions, you must contact Paul or Julie Ann to make prior arrangements. We will be selling bar tickets for the CASH BAR at the event, so please come prepared.

Still need to fulfill your volunteer requirements for 2015? This is another event where you can help! Visit our Commodore's Ball Volunteer Sign Up page and choose one of the remaining slots.

Paul and Julie Ann


Mark Hayes on

Benton Amthor

The Fall Opti Race Team has won the inaugural South Carolina Yacht Club Invitational Optimist Team Race Regatta! The regatta was sailed last weekend, November 7th-8th, in Calibogue Sound, near the entrance to Windmill Harbour, at Hilton Head, South Carolina. Our team was made up of Benton Amthor, Nathan Smith, Guthrie Braun and Reed McAllister; and was coached by our Spring/Fall Opti Coach, Bob Lippincott.

FBYC received the invitation to sail in the regatta last spring, along with Opti teams from the Chicago Yacht Club, the Edgewater Yacht Club, the Florida Yacht Club and the Royal Canadian Yacht Club of Ontario. The host club, South Carolina Yacht Club, also competed. The regatta consisted of a round-robin and final series. Our team won all but one race throughout the entire regatta!

Click "Read More" for a full report!