Help on Postings

The news posting form found at Post news article enables anyone with user credentials - all members and all prior event registrants - to post news articles on the web site. We encourage posts that might be interesting to our readership. With the increased use of Social Websites, our news posts frequently end up linked on Twitter and Facebook where our friends and followers will see the posts too.

Any new posting requires that you enter a

There are two optional sections

There are three automatically filled in fields that you will not see.


You should type your text into the body below the two rows of icons.  They are called TinyMCE (a Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control tool) and they can be used to formating your article.  We had added a few notes to show the popular icons.

To use an icon, select a section of text.  Then hit the icon.  If you hit the B, all the selected text becomes Bold.  If you hit the Add Link icon, it will open a window where your will need to type or paste the URL to which you want the words to link. 

Note - if the icon is greyed out and unusable, it is because you haven't selected text to which the icon should apply.

If your article is long, you may want to try the Toggle Full Screen Icon, and the little Body window will become full screen - making it easy to see your words.  To escape, click the Toggle Full Screen icon a second time.


Some browsers, like Firefox, don't allow the use of the Copy and Paste icons, nor do they allow Right Click+Copy or Right Click+Paste.  However, you can still copy and paste using the keystokes -


In order to add a picture to a posting, the image must already be available on the internet.  Either add the picture to FBYC's Submit Photos page - or to FBYC's Flickr Page.   Or you can do your entire posting with the words but no pictures, and later use the Change link after you save it, add the pictures on subsequent edits.  Or if the image adding process is too-technical for you, post the article's words, and ask Jon or Strother to add appropropriate images.

Once the picture is found on the internet, select the closest size to what you want to appear - PLEASE DO NOT select huge sizes.   Right click on the image - and select Copy Image Address - or Copy Shortcut or whatever your browser calls the URL.  That will put the URL of the picture into your computer's copy-paste memory.

Then go the the Posting form, and place the Mouse in the Body of your entry. I'd recommend placing it right before the first word of a paragraph.  Then hit the Picture Icon, and a new window will pop up. Fill out those fields as follows:


Once you make the image appear in the body draft, it may be the correct size, or it may still be too big.  If you need to reduce the size of the image, click on the image, and you will notice little square handles appear at its corners. In the image at right, the top right hand corner of that dark image has the handle

Put the mouse on a corner, and drag the image to the size you want.


After you Save the posting, it will appear on the news pages.

Once it is saved and appears on the News pages, you will notice that at the bottom of your postings, there will be a Change link that will allow you to edit it.  If you click on that link, you will return to a very similar page as the original posting page, and you can make edits, and save it again.

You can't delete the posting, but you can effectively delete it, by changing the drop down box on the bottom from Public to Draft.  It will disappear from view, and - per the note at the bottom of the page - even you will be unable to find it again, unless you remember or write down the URL of the page you are editing.

Jon Deutsch or Strother Scott will be able to find the post and recover it for you - particularly if you can tell us the number - or make a final deletion of the post if appropriate.


At the bottom of each news article are the currently obligatory links to TWEET or LIKE on FACEBOOK the posting.  I do Facebook, and if you like an article, a link to the aricle will appear on your Facebook Wall.

We also have Comments.  Adding Comments is encouraged.  Anyone can add comments, but if you are not logged in, you will have to solve a Recaptcha - the retyping of 2 crooked words.  If you log in, you don't get that test.

Enuff??  Call Strother's cell with issues - 804-405-5999.