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Foreword to FBYC History

As a member since 1955, I suppose my advancing years at least partially (but not uniquely) qualify me to be the current historian for the Fishing Bay Yacht Club. As such, I have endeavored to chronicle many intriguing stories from our past that are posted below but that first appeared in a series of history columns for the club's monthly membership publication called the Log . However, major credit must be given to MacDonald Wellford, a founding member and first historian, who fanatically maintained scrapbooks on club history from our inception until the late 1960's. Mac kindly turned these scrapbooks over to me before his death as the club approached its 50th anniversary in 1989, and these represent the primary source for much of the material dealing with the early years of the club's existence. Second, credit must also go to the Richmond Times-Dispatch and News-Leader, both of which newspapers covered club racing and social activities in extensive detail until about 1970 and whose articles Mac religiously pasted onto the pages of his scrapbooks. And third, credit is due to the many members who have contributed their ideas, personal recollections, and encouragement to this effort.

While not the region's oldest yacht club, the Fishing Bay Yacht Club certainly ranks among the senior sailing institutions on the Chesapeake Bay by virtue of its founding in 1939. The story of FBYC spans an era from pre-World War II when wooden racing yachts set Egyptian cotton sails, through the rapid transition to fiberglass hulls and Dacron sails on aluminum masts in the 1950's and 60's, and into the present day when exotic high-tech composites dominate marine-construction.

Jere Dennison




Official History
    Happy 70th Anniversary  
    75th History Book - low resoltion (15MB)  
    History of the Stingray Point Regatta  
    Complete Stove Point History - 4MB pdf  
Articles - by Jere Dennison
    The Schooner Nighthawk  
    The Virginia Sailing Regatta  
    From UYC to FBYC  
    Hampton One-Design #1  
    Birth of the Penguin Fleet at UYC  
    Saga of the Southern Stars  
    FBYC: Birthplace of the Mobjack  
    Stingray Point Light  
    The Phenomenal Jollyboat  
    The Unpleasantness of 1958-59  
    Allons to Newport  
    Mr. Roberts  
    FBYC Pre-History  
    FBYC Believe It...Or Not!  
    The New Stingray Point Lighthouse  
    Never on Friday: the Strange, Last Voyage of the Fugue  
    The Matthew Fontaine Maury Bowl  
    A Penguin Racing Vignette  
    Hampton O/D vs. Snipe  
    Sea Toy II...and a little bit of Tradition  
    Allons to Bermuda  
    Invasion of the Multi-Hulls: the Revolution Gains a Foothold at FBYC  
    The Coastal Picket Patrol  
    Rives Potts and the America’s Cup  
    Rives Potts and the America’s Cup- Part II  
    The Annual Regatta  
    The Ascendancy of PHRF and the FBYC Connection  
    A Junior Program highlight from the past  
    Opportunity Lost: How FBYC Shot Itself in the Foot  
    The Day Old Dixie Died  
    When FBYC Won the Auld Mug  
    Rappahannock Does the Southern Circuit  
    Rappahannock Does the Southern Circuit – Part 2  
    Remembering Hurricane Hazel  
    Wolftrap, Force 10  
    Wolf Trap, Force 10 - Part II  
    Wolf Trap, Force 10 - Part III  
    Wolf Trap, Force 10 - Part IV: Air Rescue  
    Two and a Half Days before the Mast  
    The Daniel Lee Austin Memorial Library  
    The Commodore’s Song  
    The Junior Seamanship Academy  
    A Junior Mystery  
    Juniors in the 1950s  
    Decade of the 1960s: the Junior Program Takes a Leap Forward  
    Remembering Bill Lapworth  
    Welcome home - Rob Bagbey  
    Black Cat and Wildcat  
    The Big Chill of 1977  
    A Tale of Two Burgees  
    History of Stove Point: Store Point to FBYC  
    This Was Willard Ransom  
    The Jamestown – FBYC Connection  
    Championship Sailing Events at FBYC  
    Some History Miscellany  
    Honoring Ray Toms  
    When Tzu Hang called at Fishing Bay  
    Farewell Bill Buckley - Renaissance Sailor  
    Tzu Hang Revisited  
    Sailing Green: Times Past – Times Present  
    How the Opti was Created  
    I’m Pisces  
    Some History Miscellany and General Meanderings  
    A Newport Misadventure: the 1965 Cruise of the Dauntless  
    The Piankatank Trophy (a/k/a the Rocking Chair)  
    Return of the Snipe  
    Juniors in the 1970s, 80s, and Beyond  
    The Yacht Registry Certificate  
    The Junior Championship Regatta of 1982!  
    The Blessing of the Fleet  
    Opportunity Lost: How FBYC Shot Itself in the Foot, Part II  
    Déjà Vu: FBYC Then and Now  
    The Voyage of Blow Up  
    Major W. M. F. Bayliss: A Most Uncommon Commodore  



Official History

Memorial Articles


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